Rockstar Body Transformation & Personal Fitness Trainer in London UK

About JP

Over the course of a decade travelling the world, being a bit of a Rockstar / Wildman, competing as a semi-professional snowboarder and generally not looking after my health and body the way I should, I developed a somewhat necessary obsession for training and fuelling the human body in order to improve it and make it healthier. Reading everything I could find, over the years I amassed a wealth of knowledge about my new passion: specifically how to really improve body composition; and felt a real desire to put this into practice. Therefore, when I finally made the decision to retire from snowboarding, I thrust myself headlong into training to become a fitness professional.

From the outset my focus has, and always will be, on continuously developing the skills required in order to provide my clients with the most spectacular results possible.

Having travelled internationally to seek education from some of the best coaches in the industry, and having spent several years working and teaching others in some of the top personal training facilities in London, I have built a reputation for delivering results for my clients that far exceed their expectations. No need to take my word on this, simply check out the client transformations and testimonials featured on this site, which represent only a sample of my results over the years.

I specialise in body transformations (fat loss / muscle gain). Nothing else! In my opinion, it is better to focus on the perfect execution of one objective, than attempt to offer an unwieldly menu of services that could only ever result in the provision of a generalist level of expertise. I’m not just passionate about my work, I’m obsessed; and for me that doesn’t just mean getting you leaner, providing you with accountability and coaching you through the process. It also means giving you back ownership of your body, health and vitality; and in doing so I aim to help uncover the ultimate you.


Metabolic Precision (Level 1)

Precision Nutrition (Level 1)

Bioprint (Level 1)

Biosignature Modulation (Level 1)

PICP (Level 1)

Resistance Training Specialist (Trunk and Spine)

REPs level 3 Personal Trainer

Reps Level 3 Nutrition

Reps Level 2 Gym Instructor

Reps Circuit Training certificate

Reps Core Conditioning certificate