Have you struggled to achieve the results you want on your own?


Do you feel like you are training hard but are simply "spinning your wheels"?


Perhaps you have had a personal trainer previously and STILL not seen results?


Do you need more than just a weekly check in with a cookie cutter training programme and a diet to follow?

The simple fact is most "trainers" simply don't posses the skillset required to get you in the shape of your dreams. Furthermore, most online trainers only view it as an easy side earner, often passing on cookie cutter plans and diets which don't take into consideration your individual needs, and they genuinely do not want to interact with you outside of your allocated check in.

When I set up Rockstar Fitness I wanted to make sure that I gave my online clients the same care and attention that I lavished on my one to one clients. I wanted each and every one of them to have meaningful interaction with me every day and to feel like they genuinely had their personal trainer in their pocket at all times.

How do my one to one clients feel about being trained by me? watch the video

This is how I also want my online clients to feel: fully supported and able to call on my help whenever they needed to.

Online coaching with me is a great way to receive my expert level of service from wherever you are in the world at a fraction of the cost of my one to one service.



The Metabolic Primer

12 week coaching from £375

Transform your body and set yourself up for a life of health and vitality with my online coaching,

With this Program you will receive

  • A full Nutritional Audit allowing me to tailor your nutrition plan to best achieve your goals of a Leaner, Healthier and more energised body.
  • A bespoke resistance training plan designed to work with your body to help you gain muscle and lose fat, with clear, easy to follow instructions on how to perform the selected exercises and video tutorials whenever necessary.
  • Weekly check ins with video updates to ensure there is no confusion, I'll take away any guess work and replace it with concrete information.
  • Daily Accountability check ins via WhatsApp, 7 days a week.

I will audit your nutrition and lifestyle habits and create a plan to help you achieve the body of your dreams.

This is not a cookie cutter plan, it means daily contact with me to keep you on track, weekly check ins to ensure you are progressing. updates will be tailored to your progress and needs and you will not be left guessing or feeling like you are doing it alone, essentially it will feel like you have always got me on standby just in case.

Sustainable Transformations

Getting in shape and staying in shape can be tough but it needn't be, I specialise in getting people in the shape of their lives and helping them to improve and maintain their new physique whilst having them feeling the best they have ever felt at the same time.