Expert Personal Training in the city of London.


If you are looking for a personal trainer in the city of London,  who can get you in the shape of your life, you have found your solution.


Why Personal Training with Rockstar Fitness?

Our personal trainers are highly experienced in fat loss (for men and women) and  strength coaching. We will tailor our approach specifically to meet your needs and lifestyle. There are no cookie cutter plans at Rockstar Fitness, just personalised, results based coaching where you will be walked through every aspect of your journey.

we'll work with you to create a tailored programme to suit your goals. Not only that, but you will:

  • Be coached by one of the UK's best and most experienced personal trainers who will motivate and guide you towards achieving your goals;
  • Be shown how to execute your training programme with the correct technique for each exercise at a private gym near Liverpool Street station;
  • Receive a personalised diet plan including tips on how to plan and prepare your food, as well as educating you on the importance of eating the right way to achieve the results you want. We'll devise a plan to fit in with your lifestyle and the goals you have.
  • Receive tailored lifestyle and health advice on sleep, digestion and stress to ensure you are in an optimal place to achieve results in the most effective and healthy way possible.
  • See rapid results whilst getting healthier and feeling more vital as the program progresses.

No matter what your goal or your starting point, we can help you achieve your best ever body and leave you feeling like a rockstar.


Want to hear what our client Clarke had to say about working with JP, press play below.


12 weeks

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