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6 week body transformation london - Before and after - Samir

Body Transformation London 

You are unique and your personal training and nutritional advice should reflect this, especially if you are looking for a life changing body transformation.

Lose Fat, Tone Up and Build Muscle.

Our Body Transformation results are built on providing bespoke personal training and diet plans for our clients that provide unique solutions to their fitness needs and that build in accountability.

Tailoring our approach to the individual, we put the Personal in Personal Trainer, by fitting the approach to each client as opposed to trying to shoehorn our clients into an approach that doesn't fit their lifestyle or that they simply do not enjoy.

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12 week body transformation london - Before and after - Sam

Online Body Transformation

Founded by London Body Transformation specialist James Cronin, Rockstar Fitness was born from a desire to help people take back control of and transform their bodies by providing the very Best Personal Training in London, having achieved this he then set out to allow clients from further afield to get access to the same high level coaching as his london based clients, and thus RF Online was born.

Our Online Personal Training programs will turbocharge you by providing exercise and nutrition advice specifically tailored for you, advice that, if followed, will make you the leanest, healthiest and most energetic you have ever been. 

We want your friends and colleagues talking about you as the "lucky" guy or girl who seems to be able to eat what they want and still have a lean, toned body, in fact we want them asking your who your personal trainer is. 

You are investing in your physique, health and well being when you engage our services, we understand that and we mean to provide you with a return on that investment that goes far beyond a body transformation.

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The Body Transformer

James Cronin has been specialising in creating stunning  Body Transformation results for almost a decade, having worked at some of the top body transformation gyms in the city of london before launching RF personal training.

He spent years mastering his craft having delivered over 10000 hrs of personal training and working with a broad range of clients from city professionals to entrepreneurs.

In an industry where results matter the 1-2-1 and online personal training results produced by RF personal training speak for themselves.


James Cronin, Founder RF Personal Training 

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