What is Online Personal Training?

Like 1-2-1 personal training but with flexibility


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First of all let’s clarify, online personal training is NOT being given a cookie cutter training plan and diet and being left to it!

Nothing about the above is “personal”. The online training plan, nutrition and lifestyle coaching all needs to be fit to the individual that is coming aboard as the client.

This means training that considers any joint limitations or injuries; the individual’s structure and available ranges of motion; and their own experience level (training age).

It means nutritional advice that takes into consideration the client’s dietary preferences, foods that are known to cause them problems, training volume, activity level and their own understanding of nutrition.

It has a “check in” process that the client uses to communicate with the coach, giving them the required tracking metrics to allow effective decision making. This allows the coach to give them feedback and updates that allow forward momentum to be maintained.



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There has to be an honest communication from both parties: coach and client.

Online training lets the client fit their training sessions into their own schedule, without having to worry about the time of day that they train. That means you’re not tethered to a coach’s diary and when they can fit you in.

Online training helps to teach you skills and habits that allow you to continue to progress. You’re trying to get your best body for life, not chasing boom and bust style dieting.

Online personal training provides a level of accountability to your efforts. Knowing that you will be checking in with your coach makes you more likely to stick to your plan and considerably less likely to fall off the wagon.

And when you do fall off the wagon, you have someone there to help coach you so that you don’t make the same mistakes more than once.


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