The Rockstar Fitness podcast episode 7

Episode 7

The No Fap Episode

Ok where do I start with this one

it's probably the deepest and most off the reservation we have gotten so far.

JP steals his ladies new mug

Robb gets curious about JPs weird obsession with pain (dead hangs)

JP Explains his reasons behind it (this get's deep)

Simon Smoulders intensely

JP asks Robb about his obsession with not ejaculating (this get's deep and weird)

Simon decides to Smoulder more intensely and changes his mind about leaving early.

Robb explains the above and it becomes clear why he's always in such a bad mood about influencers, Spoiler alert it's because he's not "satisfied" regularly enough.

I really don't have the words to full describe this one, just strap yourself in and buckle up, it's about to get nuts!

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