What is a Body Transformation

What is a Body Transformation.


I see a lot of Personal Trainers on social media calling themselves “Body Transformation” specialists and often I am amazed at the lack of results on display, a lot of the time it’s just pic after pic of the trainer themselves being in great shape with very little evidence that they have the knowledge and skills required to actually help anyone else get there, now please bear in mind I'm not talking about getting people stage lean in sparkly pants, that is a completely proposition altogether and one that I think most people should avoid, but the trainer should be able to at least demonstrate that they have the skills required to get someone in the sort of shape that could put them in front of a professional photographer without them looking out of place.

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Look the truth is being in shape tells you nothing about the trainer, I got my own ass in very good shape long before I ever managed the same for a client, as a trainer, being able to get in amazing shape for a trainer should be a given but it’s not always a good indication that the trainer knows what they are doing themselves.


Now in my mind a body transformation shouldn’t just be about a great before and after comparison, yes that is a huge chunk of it but there should be a bit more involved.


So, what is a Body Transformation? well these are own my non-negotiable rules for what qualifies as a body transformation for a general population client.


  1. The client should see a significant improvement in body composition, in other words less fat, more muscle (or at least retain the muscle you already have). I’m not going to elaborate too much on this point but if the photos don’t have you wondering how they made that much of a change it’s unlikely to be that impressive a result.
  2. The client should feel an improvement in vitality! You should be bursting with energy if you have done this right, you shouldn’t feel wrecked as if you’ve done 12 rounds with a prime Mike Tyson, you should feel energised and ready to tackle everything else in your day to day life.
  3. The client should get healthier, you shouldn’t have joint pain, or worsening of existing issues, you shouldn’t be dieting to the point that it is detrimental to your sleep, hormonal balance or mental health. If you are losing hair, experiencing skin issues, have lost your period or can’t get an erection you are definitely NOT HEALTHY, this is the FITNESS industry folks, it should be about getting healthier, which usually leads to easier fat loss.
  4. The client shouldn’t have any fear of a particular food group! No carbophobics around here, if your trainer has you panicking about eating certain food groups then I’d question their competence with nutrition and nutritional coaching, you should be able to get relatively lean without permanently cutting out an entire macro nutrient, you should still be able to incorporate foods you enjoy and get leaner! This just takes a bit of planning and educating by your trainer, no one wants an eating disorder after all.


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Transforming your body is commendable and I feel everyone should attempt to see what their bodies are truly capable of but I don't believe it should cost you your health to do so.