Who do I refer to for Prehab/Rehab in London.

Who do I send my London Personal Training Clients to for Soft Tissue Work.

Often when a new Personal Training client comes to me they have experienced injuries previously or are presenting with “niggles” that they just tend to live with, well if I’m going to help them transform their body I also need to help transform their thinking and get them out of the habit of just accepting pain or discomfort in their joints, and that’s where referring clients to the appropriate soft tissue specialists becomes important.


Now I am very picky when it comes to soft tissue work or anything to do with rehab/prehab so I tend to stick to people that I know can get the job done, and I usually only stray from my go too therapists if I get a recommendation from someone that I really trust and respect, these are also London Based Therapists since I am a London Personal Trainer, I do have a list of people around the country that I use for my Online Personal Training clients so if you need to find someone local to you that you can trust to get the job done, feel free to reach out and ask.


Because of the above you will see that this is a very short list of people that I would 1. allow to work on me personally and 2. whom I would trust enough to refer my clients to, Yes it only includes two names, but like I said I’m picky and these two have proven themselves to me to be consummate professionals that can deliver results time and time again.


The list is in no particular order, these two are both amazing therapists.



  1. Paul Jarman aka the Tuina Butcher, Paul has a broad range of skills that he uses to work with some of the best MMA pros in the UK, his client list reads like a who’s who of top UK fighters, because he works with professional athletes he understands the need to get back to training as quickly as possible and his approach lends itself to that very well. back2basicstherapy.com



  1. Heather Pearson, one of the UK’s top Active Release Technique practitioners, Heather is also one of the few ART instructors in the UK so she knows a thing or two about helping people to get out of pain, she’s also authored a book, Back Pain Free, which is available on Amazon. 1body4life.co.uk